Online Classes

Due to the coronavirus and wanting to keep our customers safe we will now be offering our classes and workshops online. Beginning with our March 20th class, Tarot Magick & Spell Casting you will have the option to join us in-person or online.

How it works: Once we receive payment, an email will be sent with the information to join the class. Handouts will either be sent via the streaming platform or email. Online classes will be streamed in two parts with a 10 minute intermission, unless noted. Classes will begin promptly at start time. No Refunds for online classes unless they canceled.

Upcoming Classes, Workshops & Virtual Gatherings

tarotmagickVirtual Tarot Magick & Spell Casting  – April 7th

PT 1 6pm-6:40pm   PT 2 6:50pm – 7:20pm

In this 2-hour workshop attendees will learn how to use tarot cards as a symbolic and spiritual link to specific desired outcomes of spell and magickal workings. Because all one needs is a deck and a positive mind there is no previous knowledge or ability of the tarot necessary to access this type of magick.
Covered Topics
What is Magick and what is a Spell?
What is tarot magick and spells?
Choosing the right cards and how to use them for spells?
Do’s and Don’ts of a spell.
Designing your own Tarot Spells.

Tarot Magick & Spell Casting



Virtual Pillars of Belief   – April 8th

PT 1 6pm-6:40pm   PT 2 6:50pm – 7:20pm  PT 3 7:40 – end

Discover how the Hermetic philosophies found in The Kybalion can be related to the modern teachings and ideals of today’s Witchcraft. Explore these “universal laws” and why they are the pillars of many belief systems found around the globe. Learn new approaches to incorporating these ancient teachings into today’s spiritual world through activities found in E. Massey’s book, “The Modern Witch’s Curriculum”.


Virtual Pillars of Belief



Virtual Faces of Gods and Goddesses – April 9th

PT 1 6pm-6:40pm   PT 2 6:50pm – 7:20pm  PT 3 7:40 – end

Explore how the Gods and Goddesses of the world’s traditions are more than the faces and names we give them. Go beyond the myths and find the inter-connectedness of various pantheons through energies and not images. Learn how understanding their essence can break down the confines of how we view our own spirituality. Through a group meditation, attendees will tap into the primal energy of a choice Deity to guide the direction of the class. E. Massey Discusses how to build a stronger relationship with your Deities through energy and ritual. Acquire new practices by building upon your own teachings and views of the Gods and Goddesses. Discover how indigenous teachings and the Hermetic philosophies can reshape the modern spiritual concepts of Deities.

The Faces of Gods and Goddesses: Understanding the essence of a Deity


candlesipVirtual Magickal Candle & Sip – April 24th

PT 1 7pm-7:40pm   PT 2 7:50pm – 8:20pm  PT 3 8:40 – end

This class will be adapted for virtual offering!
Class E. Massey’s newest sip and craft is a one of a kind workshop that combines an introduction to candle magick and basic candle making with your favorite beverage. Where no previous knowledge or magickal skills are needed, everyone is a magickal candle maker.
E. Massey will guide attendees in creating their own personalized magickal candle. Learning how to incorporate magick and spell work into their own made candles with herbs, energy, and intention. All candle making supplies will be provided. Attendees are to bring beverages or any snacks and their intentions.


Virtual Magickal Candle & Sip