About E.Massey

E. Massey is an artist, author, teacher, and practicing witch. Born in NYC, Eddie's interest in art started at an early age, he attended the High School of Art and Design, where he studied photography and illustration. It was during this time he was also introduced to NYC's underground cultures and began painting full-time. Unlike his previous work of watercolour landscapes it had now taken on more of a darker surreal style. At age 16, Eddie was offered an opportunity to have his first solo show at a notable NYC gallery. Unfortunately on the eve of delivery a jealous family member had destroyed all but three pieces and he was unable to have the show. This act of cruelty had also destroyed his will and self-esteem to continue a career in visual art and turned to a new creative outlet . . . music. In 1994, he attended Queenborough Community College, with a study course in music technology and music business. During that same year, he founded Androide Entertainment, a promotional company for music events, local bands and later art. A few years later, Eddie relocated to NJ, returned to school, and became a teacher in early childhood education. It was during this time, that a close friend redirected him to pick up where he had left off years ago. In doing so, he regained his confidence and began painting on a regular basis. Tackling the sensitive topics of religion, love, sex, and sociopolitical affairs. To avoid any professional backlash as an educator he choose to paint under the pseudo name; Nectar. Since 2006, E. Massey has been teaching and living in Pennsylvania. Although his artwork was considered lowbrow and controversial it has been published and featured in various books, music videos, and exhibitions around the world. Which included work in a world wide exhibition of sketch books organized by the Brooklyn library of Art and has become cataloged in their permanent collection. His more recent work, under his given name; has been less controversial and more spiritual, but keeping his dark surreal style that he is known for. As an author in both education and alternative spirituality, E. Massey has written articles for national ECE magazines and has contributed to many educational curriculums. Over the last year he has been writing "The Little Witch's Curriculum", a book for parents and children that uses ECE theories and techniques to encourage personal spirituality through witchcraft, Wiccan, and Pagan practices. His first book, "A Witch's Journey" follows a yearly path working outline for more advanced witches or people who might want to expand their own practices and/or spirituality. E. Massey has been a practicing witch for over 20 years, He was originally trained and initiated into the Gardnerian tradition in 1987 at the age of thirteen. He later followed his own path of combining traditional witchcraft with his Native American (Piikani)heritages. Eddie has been the High Priest of a local community of witches and Pagans in Pennsylvania. He is also a spiritual teacher/advisor, tarot reader, and a Pagan community event organizer.

Store Update: 3/17


We are looking into possibly starting curbside for those who might need spiritual items and who would like to support us during this time. You will be able to place your order at www.poconowitch.com and choose store pick up. Readings will now be available from 11am-7pm daily and can be done over the phone and virtual through skype and facebook. To keep our community together we will be offering our classes and rituals virtually as well as possibly opening all classes set from E. Masseys tour. Class offerings can also be found on the website and will be updated regularly

Safe Blessings!!

The Pocono Witch Shoppe will be CLOSED for 2 weeks


Due to the coronavirus and the call to close all non essential businesses we will be CLOSED for 2 weeks.

The Pocono Witch Shoppe wants to not only keep our customers safe but support our spiritual community by continuing to offer our classes and workshops online through this time. Beginning with our March 20th class, Tarot Magick & Spell Casting.

For those looking to shop…many of our products can be ordered online as well. We will also be running LIVE Sales online through our facebook page.

E. Massey will also still be offering phone and online tarot readings as well.

Reminder to keep our community safe and wash your hands regularly and if you are sick.. stay home..and support small businesses when possible.

Blessings to all!

Online Classes Now Available from The Pocono Witch Shoppe


Due to the coronavirus and wanting to keep our customers safe we will now be offering our classes and workshops online. Beginning with our March 20th class, Tarot Magick & Spell Casting you will have the option to join us in-person or online.

How it works: Once we receive payment, an email will be sent with the information to join the class. Handouts will either be sent via the streaming platform or email. Online classes will be streamed in two parts with a 10 minute intermission, unless noted. Classes will begin promptly at start time. No Refunds for online classes unless they canceled.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops


Tarot Magick & Spell Casting – March 20th

pt1: 7pm-7:40pm       pt2: 7:50pm-8:30pm


In this 2-hour workshop attendees will learn how to use tarot cards as a symbolic and spiritual link to specific desired outcomes of spell and magickal workings. Because all one needs is a deck and a positive mind there is no previous knowledge or ability of the tarot necessary to access this type of magick.
Covered Topics
What is Magick and what is a Spell?
What is tarot magick and spells?
Choosing the right cards and how to use them for spells?
Do’s and Don’ts of a spell.
Designing your own Tarot Spells.

The Pocono Witch Shoppe is Committed to Providing a Healthy and Safe Community

To ensure our customers well being against the coronavirus we will be disinfecting the store before opening and after closing. For customers concerned about self-safety precautions you are welcome to wash your hands upon entry, as we are on the search for hand sanitizer. As of now all classes and rituals will remain instated but we will not be serving food. We are also looking into offering our current classes online for those who would like to attend but choose not to be in a social setting. As for those looking to shop…many of our products can be ordered online as well.

Reminder to keep our community safe wash your regularly and if you are sick.. stay home..

Blessings to all!

First Full Moon Ritual at The Pocono Witch Shoppe

full moon

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Join us for the First Full Moon of the year and at The Pocono Witch Shoppe
Our focus for this Full moon will be about abundance and prosperity for the new year. Please Bring a shiny new quarter for Magickal portion of the ritual
$5 or a covered dish or drinks to share
circle is cast at 6:30
All are welcome, yes including children however we ask that they be above the age of 4 and be respectful of ritual.



Get your Year at a Glance Tarot Reading w/ E. Massey $50


Author, Witch, and owner of  The Pocono Witch Shoppe, E. Massey offers a Year at a Glance Reading. This only offered from mid-December to mid-January This type of reading allows you to get a better understanding of your year to come. Giving you a summary of each month.

Hear what you’ll need to know about the upcoming year. Gain insight into how you can be prepared for the ups and downs of life.

Please be sure to make your Appointment HERE

Appointments will not be accepted without payment!

  • You can choose to purchase a reading for yourself, or also as a gift. If you are unsure of a date and time please contact us after making your appointment.
  • If there is an appointment conflict you will be notified via email for a schedule change.
  • Out of respect for other customers and schedules, your order cannot be canceled or refunded. Emailed readings are recorded in the order they’re received, within no more than of 7 days.
  • Tarot readings are not a substitute for medical, financial or psychiatric care and should be considered for the purposes of meditation and reflection. All tarot readings are 100% confidential.

Dark Moon New Year Cleansing and Renewal Hekate Ritual



Friday, January 24, 2020 at 7 PM – 10 PM

Join E. Massey for the First Dark Moon of 2020 in a ritual designed to cleanse the unwanted of 2019 and grow the fires of renewal for 2020 through Hekate. During this ritual you will visit 3 epithets of Hekate with each providing an aspect of the Ritual ( Hekate Chthonic-Cleansing, Hekate phosphoros – Renewal, Hekate Apotropaia- protection). The Ritual will begin with a meditation and invocation then you will be guided to an altar dedicated to each epithet of Hekate where you will receive the ritual aspects and leave an offering. Once finished you will sit in silence.
This ritual is not recommended for beginners!
Space is limited and you must reserve your spot!!!
$10 per person includes dinner
Please note this ritual is not based on the modern concepts of Hekate and will seem different than you are used too.
Ritual Guidelines & Notes
1. During the cleansing you will get wet
2. You must bring the following offerings for each epithet
Hekate Chthonic- Onion
Hekate phosphoros – a raw egg
Hekate Apotropaia – a flower
3. Please bring a White scarf/cloth to cover your head while you sit in silence.
4. Dinner will be provided after the ritual