Dark Moon New Year Cleansing and Renewal Hekate Ritual



Friday, January 24, 2020 at 7 PM – 10 PM

Join E. Massey for the First Dark Moon of 2020 in a ritual designed to cleanse the unwanted of 2019 and grow the fires of renewal for 2020 through Hekate. During this ritual you will visit 3 epithets of Hekate with each providing an aspect of the Ritual ( Hekate Chthonic-Cleansing, Hekate phosphoros – Renewal, Hekate Apotropaia- protection). The Ritual will begin with a meditation and invocation then you will be guided to an altar dedicated to each epithet of Hekate where you will receive the ritual aspects and leave an offering. Once finished you will sit in silence.
This ritual is not recommended for beginners!
Space is limited and you must reserve your spot!!!
$10 per person includes dinner
Please note this ritual is not based on the modern concepts of Hekate and will seem different than you are used too.
Ritual Guidelines & Notes
1. During the cleansing you will get wet
2. You must bring the following offerings for each epithet
Hekate Chthonic- Onion
Hekate phosphoros – a raw egg
Hekate Apotropaia – a flower
3. Please bring a White scarf/cloth to cover your head while you sit in silence.
4. Dinner will be provided after the ritual

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