Get your Year at a Glance Tarot Reading w/ E. Massey $50


Author, Witch, and owner of  The Pocono Witch Shoppe, E. Massey offers a Year at a Glance Reading. This only offered from mid-December to mid-January This type of reading allows you to get a better understanding of your year to come. Giving you a summary of each month.

Hear what you’ll need to know about the upcoming year. Gain insight into how you can be prepared for the ups and downs of life.

Please be sure to make your Appointment HERE

Appointments will not be accepted without payment!

  • You can choose to purchase a reading for yourself, or also as a gift. If you are unsure of a date and time please contact us after making your appointment.
  • If there is an appointment conflict you will be notified via email for a schedule change.
  • Out of respect for other customers and schedules, your order cannot be canceled or refunded. Emailed readings are recorded in the order they’re received, within no more than of 7 days.
  • Tarot readings are not a substitute for medical, financial or psychiatric care and should be considered for the purposes of meditation and reflection. All tarot readings are 100% confidential.

Dark Moon New Year Cleansing and Renewal Hekate Ritual



Friday, January 24, 2020 at 7 PM – 10 PM

Join E. Massey for the First Dark Moon of 2020 in a ritual designed to cleanse the unwanted of 2019 and grow the fires of renewal for 2020 through Hekate. During this ritual you will visit 3 epithets of Hekate with each providing an aspect of the Ritual ( Hekate Chthonic-Cleansing, Hekate phosphoros – Renewal, Hekate Apotropaia- protection). The Ritual will begin with a meditation and invocation then you will be guided to an altar dedicated to each epithet of Hekate where you will receive the ritual aspects and leave an offering. Once finished you will sit in silence.
This ritual is not recommended for beginners!
Space is limited and you must reserve your spot!!!
$10 per person includes dinner
Please note this ritual is not based on the modern concepts of Hekate and will seem different than you are used too.
Ritual Guidelines & Notes
1. During the cleansing you will get wet
2. You must bring the following offerings for each epithet
Hekate Chthonic- Onion
Hekate phosphoros – a raw egg
Hekate Apotropaia – a flower
3. Please bring a White scarf/cloth to cover your head while you sit in silence.
4. Dinner will be provided after the ritual

Class: The Faces of Gods & Goddess w/ E. Massey


Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Explore how the Gods and Goddesses of the world’s traditions are more than the faces and names we give them. Go beyond the myths and find the inter-connectedness of various pantheons through energies and not images. Learn how understanding their essence can break down the confines of how we view our own spirituality. Through a group meditation, attendees will tap into the primal energy of a choice Deity to guide the direction of the class. E. Massey Discusses how to build a stronger relationship with your Deities through energy and ritual. Acquire new practices by building upon your own teachings and views of the Gods and Goddesses. Discover how indigenous teachings and the Hermetic philosophies can reshape the modern spiritual concepts of Deities.
$35.00 p/p Purchase tickets HERE or  at the store
No Refunds on advance tickets

E. Massey is an author, teacher, psychic and practicing Witch. Known as the “Pocono Witch” his presence in the pagan community can be seen throughout Pennsylvania, most notably serving on the Board of Directors for Philadelphia Pagan Pride and organizer of the Pocono Witches Festival & Ball. As an author, E. Massey has written articles for popular educational and Pagan and Witchcraft magazines, as well as contributed to many educational curriculums for children. His first book, “Casting Creative Magickal Circles” independently sold over five-hundred copies. Followed by, “The Modern Witch’s Curriculum” in 2018. 2020 will see the highly anticipated subsequent book, “The Little Witch’s Curriculum”, a book for parents and children that uses early childhood education theories and techniques to encourage spiritual growth through Witchcraft, Wiccan, and Pagan practices.
Nominated for the 2018 Witch Way Magazine Awards “Favorite Witch Teacher”, E. Massey has facilitated classes and workshops on Witchcraft and magick throughout the U.S. Providing insightful and fun classes for adults, parents, and children on the topics of meditation, divination, and pagan spirituality. Including his most requested 2020 class, “Paranormal Witch – Witchcraft and the Spirit World”.
E. Massey’s involvement in the paranormal community has gained notoriety in Eastern Pennsylvania with his contribution to the area’s most sought after paranormal group, the Paranormal Spirit Finders as a psychic/investigator. He also holds “Paranormal & Psychic Weekends” – a unique paranormal weekend excursion at some of the most haunted towns and locations in Eastern Pennsylvania. Working alongside such celebrity TV investigators and psychics as Mark Keyes and Virginia Centrillo of Travel Channel’s “Paranormal 911” and Destination America’s “The haunted”. Although, he works within the paranormal, as a psychic his focus and skills can be found as a professional tarot reader. Reading tarot for over 20 years, E. Massey provides insight to seekers all over the world, including many high-profile clients. He is known for being honest, blunt and funny within his readings.
E. Massey has been a practicing Witch for over 25 years. Growing up in a mixed-magickal family, from an early age he was exposed to the indigenous teachings of the Pikanni nation through his Grandfather who had often visited the reservations of Montana. He was later trained and initiated into a non-linage Gardnerian tradition via his Aunt and first teacher, who was introduced to British Witchcraft by Sybil Leek, while in California. Over the years he has studied under other some of the most profound folk magick teachers in the NY area, learning practices from hoodoo candle magick to spirit communication. The last few years has found him pursuing a path in the Lukumi and Afro-Cuban traditions, which he chooses to separate from his current Witch path. Which draws upon a foundation of folk, traditional and modern Witchcraft blended with the wisdom of his indigenous American spiritual beliefs.
E. Massey has been the High Priest of The Moonlit Grove, a local community of Witches and Pagans in Pennsylvania for over two years. A recognized Minister of the First Nation Church facilitating life ceremonies, weddings and funerals all over the US. He has studied and practiced the meditation techniques of the Kadampa Buddhist tradition. E. Massey is also devotee within the Covenant of Hekate, an international community that collectively honors the Goddess. He is the owner of The Hierophant, an online magickal thrift and occult store and The Pocono Witch Shoppe based in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.
E. Massey is also a seasoned artist whose work has been published and featured in numerous books, music videos, and exhibitions around the world, as well as spiritual advisor, healer, and a pagan community event organizer.

First Winter Solstice/Yule at The Pocono Witch Shoppe

celebration christmas christmas decoration decoration

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Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Join E. Massey at The Pocono Witch Shoppe for its first ever Winter Solstice/ Yule ritual in welcoming the return of the Sun.
Circle will be cast at 6:30
Food and Drink will follow
Please bring a blank Yule card
$5 or food to share
Tickets can also be purchased prior to the ritual (no refunds)
All proceeds will go toward the Pocono Witches Festival donations to the Pocono Wildlife Rehab center

All are welcome, yes including children however we ask that they be above the age of 4 and be respectful of ritual.


Yule Log Workshop & Reiki w/ Amy Close


Come and enjoy our first workshop with Amy Close of Close at Hand Healing as she walks you through the history and Pagan uses of the Yule Log. Only $5 a person. Limited to 7 people

Amy will also be available for Reiki and/or Massage sessions starting at 12pm:
5 minutes $10
10 minutes $15
15 minutes $20
20 minutes $25
25 minutes $30
30 minutes $35
She is not one to miss and has been personally used for Reiki by E. Massey for over 5 years!! She is amazing!

Upcoming December Events!!

December 7th -The Unofficial Opening of The Pocono Witch Shoppe

We May not be 100% ready due to late snow deliveries but our doors will be open to the Community. Come in and meet owner E. Massey who will be available for General Tarot Readings for a $20 special. Refreshments will be served through out the day
Come and meet and our local and Special Guests:
Reiki by Rev. Sensei Glenda Dawson of Glenda’s Magical Creations
$25.00 for 10 mins session
More Details to come over the next couple of days…..
1pm – 3pm
Meet Rick Silfies-Potter as he gives a small introduction to his Blackthorne tradition of Druid Witchcraft. He will also be available for animal and plant oracle readings as well for only $10

December 21 -First Winter Solstice/Yule at The Pocono Witch Shoppe

Join E. Massey at The Pocono Witch Shoppe for its first ever Winter Solstice/ Yule ritual in welcoming the return of the Sun.
Circle will be cast at 6:30
Food and Drink will follow
Please bring a blank Yule card
$5 or food to share (watch for a share thread)
Tickets can also be purchased prior to the ritual (no refunds)
All proceeds will go toward the WITCHES OF WINTER GALA donations to the Pocono Wildlife Rehab center

All are welcome, yes including children however we ask that they be above the age of 4 and be respectful of ritual.